Turkcell Showcased Turkey’s First 5G Live Broadcast

TRABZON, Turkey–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Turkcell (NYSE:TKC) (BIST:TCELL) has added another first to its track record in its longstanding 5G efforts with Turkey’s first 5G live TV broadcast. As the live broadcast over Turkcell’s 5G test network sparks a new era in the industry, the viewers experienced a first before the soccer game between Trabzonspor and Fenerbahce.

For Turkey’s first 5G live broadcast, a local software was used along with Turkcell’s 5G test network. Shots taken by a broadcast camera connected to the 5G handset, which were put in a specific designed backpack. Alongside the camera and the 5G handset, the backpack contained the broadcast encoder and battery. Thanks to the 5G network capabilities, the live broadcast was transmitted over Turkcell 5G network to the broadcaster uninterrupted, in high quality and low latency. As the sports channel broadcasted the shots live, Turkey’s first 5G live broadcast was successfully completed with 5G technology supported by the local software.

“5G brings profound innovation to the broadcasting and media industry”

Emphasizing that Turkcell has initiated a new era in Turkish TV broadcasting, “We are proud to add another first to our 5G efforts in Turkey. Turkcell, for over a quarter-century, has been at the forefront of bringing next-generation technologies to life. With commercial 5G deployed in the future, we will witness significant innovation in all industries,” says Gediz Sezgin, Turkcell CTO. “The broadcasting and media industry will be one of the first and most important industries that we will observe this innovation concretely. 5G-enabled data transmission in high capacity and lower latencies will unlock new possibilities in broadcasting industry and enhance the viewer experience.”

“As we observe in this live broadcast, 5G technology enables speeds over only one handset that otherwise require multiple devices. Through data transmission speeds in Gbps, we can watch video stream of a cameraman with low latencies and regardless of location. Backed by Turkcell’s strong and resilient infrastructure, we will continue to offer breakthrough experiences through next-generation technologies like we did in TV broadcasting.”

With a demonstrated commitment to 5G efforts in Turkey, Turkcell has prepared the digital infrastructure and has an extensive 5G test network at the Trabzonspor stadium.


Ali Karakaya

Turkcell Corporate Communications Manager


Bugra Kaya

Turkcell Corporate Communications Expert


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